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October 2013

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How can local education foundations help schools deal with the dramatic changes in state funding and student instruction?

Major state policy initiatives are impacting your work as a LEF leader —

  • Closing the Achievement Gap for low income and English Language Learners
  • Changes in instruction and assessment resulting from the new California Common Core State Standards
  • Impact on your LEF and community of the Local Control Funding Formula for state allocations to schools
  • Critical community conversations about educational equity and equality in educational opportunities

California public education is undergoing a major overhaul of how it pays for and delivers teaching and learning. Education foundations are being asked to step up to meet those challenges in many ways. CCEF is here to help LEFs and educators —

Stay Informed

The implications of political and economic decisions in Sacramento over the next few years will be crucial. CCEF will keep you updated and link you to resources to monitor developments on the state budget.

Stay Connected

Local foundations can be the conscience of the community and the coordinator of local action. Many foundations are sharing their best practices with CCEF on how they are mobilizing their community to respond to uncertain funding.

Stay Legal

Understanding the Dos & Don’ts of political advocacy and community action is critical to make sure your non-profit status is not jeopardized. Foundations should review their mission statements and bylaws to make sure they conform to planned activities and campaigns. Click here to access recent CCEF Policy fact Sheet can give you guidance.

Stay Organized

To find out how to maximize your effectiveness, plan to send your team to the next CCEF Education Foundation Fundamentals Workshop: A nuts & bolts training for education and community leaders who want to create an education foundation or increase their foundation’s impact and effectiveness. The full-day session features top-notch experts and interactive sharing of best practices. Plan to attend the CCEF Annual Conference in March2014.

Education Policy Developments

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