The CCEF Leadership Vision

The California Consortium of Education Foundations (CCEF) is dedicated to strengthening public education by facilitating the creation, growth, and effectiveness of local education foundations and by advocating for public education. CCEF is committed to providing statewide leadership to local education foundations and the students, parents, educators and communities they serve. This Leadership Vision articulates a bold direction for CCEF to which we will align our decisions, programs and strategies.

Vision & Mission Statement

The vision of CCEF is to ensure that there are adequate resources to deliver a high-quality education to every child in California. CCEF’s mission is to enable all local education foundations to have the knowledge, capacity, and resources to effectively support education in their communities.


CCEF will achieve its vision and mission by implementing four key strategies:

Community Engagement

Improve the capacity of local education foundations to effect positive community engagement, resource development, and educational outcomes for every student in California’s public schools

Public Policy Leadership

Be the trusted voice for all local education foundations in California by advocating for statewide awareness and policies that better support the work they do

Modeling & Disseminating Best Practices

Promote leading practices and standards for nonprofit organizations by being an efficient, ethical, and effective statewide coalition and by sharing best practices among local education foundations

Delivering Highly Effective Services

Increase sustainable revenue from diversified sources to build our own capacity to deliver services and support the crucial work we do on behalf of local education foundations