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Established in 1982, the California Consortium of Education Foundations (CCEF) strengthens public education by facilitating the creation, growth, and effectiveness of local education foundations (LEFs). A statewide nonprofit, CCEF serves as the voice of California’s education foundation movement, promoting the benefits of LEFs in interviews with the media and through outreach to local, state, and national organizations. CCEF promotes sharing and collaborating between education foundations and with other community-based organizations. CCEF believes that LEFs are in a unique position to identify and secure important community resources in support of local schools. CCEF operates upon the one constant found in all studies of public education – parent and community involvement is critical to improving public schools.


CCEF’s services to local education foundations include:

  • Conference and capacity building workshops
  • Technical assistance to help create, grow, and revitalize LEFs
  • Access to LEF references and referrals
  • Updates via written and electronic communications
  • Repository of current data on the education foundation movement at state and national levels
  • Publications addressing issues of interest to LEFs
  • Access to the CCEF web site
  • Data on Local Foundation Movement in California
  • Matching of LEFs and potential revenue resources
  • Consultations with individual LEFs
  • Networking opportunities with similar organizations
  • Facilitating the replication of innovative LEF programs
  • Increased linkage with organizations and individuals committed to public education


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