CCEF Critical Conversations

“Communicating About How Education Foundations Impact Educational Equity”
is the latest in CCEF’s series of Critical Conversations for California’s local education foundation leaders.  CCEF believes that foundation leaders can take a leadership role in addressing the equity issue in their communities.  In this recent paper, CCEF offers a brief survey of the current educational landscape in California and then provides an overview of the equity debate arguments, facts and information to address the arguments, and examples of how local education foundations can play a leadership role as the community conversation evolves.

CCEF is collecting information on how foundations are working to deal with equity issues and insuring a quality education in communities throughout California.  CCEF wants LEF leaders to understand the important work being done statewide by local education foundations and to have the information to respond to questions about LEFs and their role.

CCEF believes that all communities benefit by having an effective local education foundation.  Our challenge is to help all communities establish an LEF.  Additionally, CCEF believes that all foundations benefit when they come together regionally and statewide to serve students and public schools.

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